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    Quote Originally Posted by NetGuyR
    Nope, no go. :-(
    A network error prevented successful completion of the operation. Perform basic RPC network troubleshooting.

    Sounds like a connection problem getting to Verizon's server. I would check that out to get to the root of the problem.
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    I am not on Verizon. T-Mobile.
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    Is this product different from the Verizon Wireless Sync program (also from Intellisync) that comes free with Verizon T650's? If so, what are the differences?
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    this is essentially Intellisync's version of Wireless Sync. The Intellisync version is carrier-agnostic, whereas the Verizon version will only support Verizon devices. So that's what I see as the main difference..... I <think> all else is the same....
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    I understand the features and benefits of Intellesync, but don't have enough information that would make me plunk down the price of admission for an application that would be end up the primary application on my Treo. There is no eval version of Intellesync. Barring that, a good series of screenshots is generally a good alternative, but they don't publish them either.

    Could somebody that has actually purchased this product take a few good action shots that would give a window into what this application is all about? I am really interested, but I have already purchased four palm-based email solutions, and am hesitant in purchasing another one (especially when it costs as much as the other four combined) without knowing more about it.
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