As it says, have a few custom ROM's, GSM unlocked, v 1.28, with deleted files as:

Cust 1 - no Tutorial, all languages removed except English (saves 4 MB), Realplayer gone

Cust 2 - same as above and also no Versamail

No multiuse files have been removed. Versamail removed:
MMConduit.bprc, MMConduit_enUS.oprc, MMConfigFPI.bprc, MMConfigFPI_enUS.oprc, MMHtmlPlugin.bprc
MMHtmlPlugin_enUS.oprc, MMMailTo.bprc, MMMailTo_enUS.oprc, MMNotify.bprc, MMNotify_enUS.oprc
MMPhotos.bprc, MMPhotos_enUS.oprc, MMPluginMGR.bprc, MMPluginMGR_enUS.oprc, MMPRCPlugin.bprc
MMPRCPlugin_enUS.oprc, MMSDCard.bprc, MMSDCard_enUS.oprc, MMSmartAdd.bprc, MMSmartAdd_enUS.oprc
MMTextPlugin.bprc, MMTextPlugin_enUS.oprc, MMUnzipPlugin.bprc, MMUnzipPlugin_enUS.oprc, MMVCal.bprc, MMVCal_enUS.oprc, MMVCardPlugin.bprc, MMVCardPlugin_enUS.oprc, MMWave.bprc, MMWave_enUS.oprc
MMWizard.bprc, MMWizard_enUS.oprc, MMWordPlugin.bprc, MMWordPlugin_enUS.oprc

Cust 3 - same as 1-2, plus the built in launcher is removed (try at your own risk - You need to have some launcher. Research before using this ROM..

Removed Lanucher files:
LauncherApp.bprc, LauncherApp_enUS.oprc, LauncherApp_CROW.cprc, LauncherApp_CROW_enUS.lprc

As with any customizing of a ROM, use at your own risk. No files have been added to the above.

I use #1, with additions and works beautifully

Email me and I can send your way.


PS: If you already have the 1.28 ROM package, and only need the customized part, let me know in the email, it will save a lot of time uploading.