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    Sending a message from a Treo 650. These messages are sent, and copied to sent items on the exchange server, but there are no headers or body show in sent items on the server. Only a time/date stamp. The message is sent to the intended recipient fully intact.

    treo 650
    versamail 3.0Ag5
    Exchange server 2003
    IMAP over Mergic VPN

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    I've been troubleshooting exactly the same problem, it appears to be linked to enabling the preference to include a signature.

    I recreated my account and tested it each time I enabled a new feature.

    Everything worked fine until I selected to add a Signature to my email's.

    As soon as I did this and sent a test the message appeared blank in Outlook's Sent Items. I removed the signature and sent another test and found the message appeared correctly in the Sent Items.

    I'm now left to troubleshoot on final problem, the items in Outlook's sent item appear as if it was sent 10 hours in the future. (and not a flux capacitor in sight)


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