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    I purchased this app for $20 and cannot connect. I am positive I am entering my correct screenname and password. I can connect fine with Causerie (trial version), but it is really bugging me about the AOL app.

    When I enter my password, I get an error saying "Invalid account" and giving an AOL 800 number. They do not support IM at that number and not even sure they know what a Treo is. Tried emailing Handango, no response. Tried deleting, reinstalling, soft reset etc....

    Anyone know of any special trick you need for this app?
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    Did you get the AOL application or the AIM application? I ran into that before, if you have just an instant messenger account then you can't use the AOL application. Check and see what you have, I could be right, I dunno, I am just taking a gues
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    Try changing the password and logging in again. I have been using AOL on Causerie and keep changing password every week but never happended like this to me.
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    Why not use Toccer? It is free. . .
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    I agree... I <3 toccer :-D
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