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    I have just moved from the 600 to the 650. The calendar only offers me Agenda, Day, Week or Month - the 600 used to be able to let you see the whole week with the appointments visible (not horrible little blocks like the 650 offers. )

    Can anyone help
    1. Have they removed the greater choice of calendar display options AND
    2. If they have, is there anyway to take the calendar software from the 600 and move it over to the 650 or is it all so embeded etc.

    As you can see....I am a 650 Newbie so any help would be grateful

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    I learned in another thread that the calendar function on the 600 was "datbk3 light" , if you enjoyed it, there is now datbk5, for purchase of course.
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    You can buy Weekview only for $15, but Datebk5 is worth the extra $ it all goes to a very good cause.

    Just ask this guy
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