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    Like the topic saids, is this possible? If yes, can you please give me the server name needed for ChatterEmail. If not, are they any free email hosts that support IMAP, so i can foward all my incoming sprint emails to it. Thanks a bunch!
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    I believe the answer is no but...

    fastmail and fusemail are great alternatives. I use fusemail and it checks my othher accounts, auto sorts into the appropriate folder, filters spam and pushes to my treo via chatter within a couple fo seconds of arrival.

    in kicks a@@
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    Thanks for the info. What are the IMAP server names for those two? Can you also provide a link for fastmail? I cant find it. Any free ones out there?
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    They both have free(lite) and pay versions(more features)

    fusemail is...
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    Sprint currently supports POP mail. You can configure SMS to be sent each time email arrives. In ChatterMail you can configure a fetch upon SMS messages. This will mimic push mail available from IMAP. Disclaimer: I only use ChatterMail via IMAP but have used the SMS Sprint feature in the pass. To turn on SMS notifications from Sprint email follow this procedure:

    Go to enter your phone number and your account password and click on sign on. In the lower left hand side of the page click on “PCS Mail”. You must enter your PCS Vision password. Click on “Settings & Preferences” on the left side. Then click on Notifications. At the bottom page under “Notification by PCS Phone” click on button “All messages”.

    PS: I currently forward all email from Sprint and my home ISP to Fast mail IMAP account and configure Chatter to get mail from that account. To forward mail is done in the same notification page above under “Forwarding” enter the email address and select “All messages” buttons.
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    Thanks. what is the address for fastmail's IMAP? BTW, I didnt see a free service from Fusemail.
  7. #7 is the address for both IMAP and SMTP for fastmail.

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    Thanks. Sprint Sucks! I am trying to foward my sprint emails to fastmail and its not working. Anyone got this to work? I went into the setup under sprint prefs to foward emails to my fastmail acct, but its not working. Nothing is being forwarded.
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    Nevermind, it worked. Thanks alot guys for all your help.
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    Note: Sprint PCS does support IMAP.
    I just set it up today and am using it with Chattermail

    The server is:

    The Sprint email features aren't very good, and it's a pain to set up, but since the account is free (when using a Sprint Treo) I guess I can't knock it too much if it works in the end.
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    Sprint's IMAP server isn't running the IDLE command, so no "push". We have to keep the mailbox offline.

    I figured as much from Sprint. For a company who calls their data services "Vision", they sure have a lack of it. LOL.
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