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    ...That the act of trying to retreive mail went awry somewhere (in terms of the actual connecting/getting info/uploading), OR, can it also mean that everything during the "get" went just fine, but you simply had no new mail to get?

    It appears that the latter can be true, but I just wanted to make sure. (I'm sitting at my computer where I have no new email... And the most recent "get" failed... So, I'm thinking that it's due to the fact that I have no mail to get... But that's only a guess on my part.)

    Thoughts? Thanks!

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    My experience is a failed get is just that -- no mail to retrieve comes back with nothing new in the inbox. . . . .

    Cheers, Perry

    Agreed (w/ RobM below, as well.)
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    I often get this error, then perform a manual get and recieve mail...not sure what the issue is, but probably a problem with connecting to the internet...

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    Thanks, folks! That puts my concerns to rest. I appreciate the quick responses.


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