Win a Copy of Voice Dialer Pro

Truly a Win-Win. Win a free copy of Voice Dialer Pro, and at the same time, help VoiceIt Technologies, LLC. solve the PalmOne Hands free Bluetooth issue. A winner will be selected randomly from the members that post useful information.

The goal is to move Voice Dialer Pro toward fully, yes fully supporting Bluetooth Headsets and we need your help.

It turns out, that VoiceIt Technologies, LLC. has taken a very conservative position when it comes to the use of wireless headsets. While their sales literature states, "We only support Wired Headsets at this time", certain Bluetooth Headsets do work using the advanced features of Voice Dialer Pro.

Please help us out over at TreoBits. We are very pleased to host a special forum topic where you can give feedback to VoiceIt Technologies. LLC.