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    One of the features I really want in an mp3 playing app is the ability to list all songs by artist, and then by song name. Does Pocket Tunes Deluxe do this, and if not, what's a good alternative? Thanks!
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    Edit the names of your songs to begin with the artist and then the song name.
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    Ptunes deluxe can sort by album, artist, genre, and playlist
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    took me a while to find it, too. it's under the Open menu item.

    stupid way to implement that should be part of the standard browsing interface.
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    To those that have both an iPod, & T650, how does the quality of music sound between the 2 devices???

    I'm starting to think about an iPod in my future. Would there be any difference in sound quality???
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    An MP3 player is only as good as the encoding and headphones used. If it's a crappy encoding to begin with it will sound crappy played through any device and even worse with bad headphones. I can tell zero difference between my 650 and my sister-in-law's iPod. But if you want to carry more than 1 GB of songs with you get an iPod.
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    I have both a Treo 650 and a 3G Ipod 20GB. Using my trusted Shure E3C earphone, I can honestly say that the mp3 playback from the Treo sounds just a tiny bit richer and fuller than the Ipod, for the same exact mp3 files encoded @224kbps+. But I would use my Ipod any day due to the amount of songs it can hold, and the jog dial browsing interface...just a matter of preference.

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