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    It seems that now that I have added Goodlink to my Treo, my favorties are acting funky. For instance, instead of saying Josh (M) like it would normally when I would call a mobile phone, it will says Josh(4) or something like that.

    Anyone else have this problem? Do you have a fix?


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    Never seen that one. Anyone else out there?
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    Not sure where JoshFink is speaking about (favorites) but I do get Cynitha(6) in my call log when I dial my wifes' cell phone rather than Cynthia (M) like it was before I installed Good .....
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    I get that in my call log, by yes, that is what the problem is. I never got this before GoodLink
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    same with me ....... didn't get it before Goodlink ......
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    Ok.. I have a brand new phone that the only thing on it is Goodlink. The favorites act exactly the same way as it did before, thus leaving out any possibility other than it's goodlink causing the problem.

    To check for the problem, do this:

    Go to your favorties
    Scrol to a particular favorite
    Press the space bar
    Pick a different phone number than the one that is the default for the server

    Instead of showing Josh (w) it should show Josh (4) or something similar.



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