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    Hopefully someone can help out here as this is intermittent. I have a Treo 600 with Sprint and the GoodLink software as well. Sometimes when someone sends me a SMS it shows up with their name. Sometimes it shows just their phone number.

    There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it as the person sending me the SMS is always in my contacts and it still is not working.

    Any ideas? It's probably goodlink causing the problem but not sure why.


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    as far as i know will only put their name if they are in your contact list
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    Yeah, but they are in my contact list. That's the problem
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    I have the same situation w/ two calls recently .
    I think one was because the number was in my contact list as a work number and not a mobile number and I assume he (the caller) chose the option to send the number (SMS) because my voice mail was full.
    The only thing I can see on the second one is that it did not have a dash between the AC and the first three digits of the number.
    Anyway, sometimes I get SMS with a name and sometimes with just the number.
    Maybe the numbe only's come with the "send your number" option in vuice mail and it will not attach a name even though it is in your contacts.

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    Well, this is very frustrating, at least I'm not the only one to have this problem.

    I just received a new phone from Spring (8th one to crap out on me). Anyways, The only thing installed on the phone is Goodlink. I sent an SMS and now I only get back the phone number. No name at all.

    Could it be something where the Goodlinks Contacts is not synching with the internal contacts? Something like that?

    Is there any support on Good's website for this or am out just out of luck?



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