I had been having a problem with the phone app on my 650 which would frequently and spontaneously turn itself off, unrelated to changes in location or signal. The damn thing would just suddenly chime down and the phone would turn itself off, sometimes in seconds after turning it back on, sometimes minutes later. Of course, palm and cingular tech info were of no help whatsoever. I happened to see something in a thread about doing a soft reset while the treo was hooked up to the charger, which apparently resets the circuits in the charger itself. I have recently been using the Seidio desktop inno-dock, and noticed that the automatic phone turn-off problem seemed to be related to removal of the treo from the docking base. After doing a soft reset while the treo was in the inno-dock, low and behold, the problem with my phone has disappeared. Can't help but wonder if there are other instability issues with the treo that are related to this phenomenon with the circuits in the charger.

M Riner