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    In seaching all of the TomTom threads, there is a posting from someone who said TT Nav.5 traffic is working on the Sprint T650 in Los Angeles. However, the TT site says traffic service is not available in the US yet, and it works only on GPRS handhelds. If someone is using their Sprint T650 and getting live traffic feeds on TT, can you post some pictures? How accurate? Usable? ????? This would be the "ultimate" commute tool!
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    I just installed Tom Tom 5, and I happen to be in San Diego this week on business. So far I'm very pleased with it (I've been happily using Tom Tom 2004 for about 6 months).

    I was curious about your question, so I tried hitting the Traffic button. After signing up for the trial PLUS service, I plotted a course from San Diego to Los Angeles and told it to give me the traffic status. It told me there are 10 delays along my route.

    So... Good news. It seems to have traffic info, at least around San Diego and Los Angeles. We'll see how well it does when I return to the east coast...
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    Yes, it works on the cdma phones. I think the docs just haven't been changed for the American release.
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    Will this work on the GSM version of the Treo 650 as well? I'm on Cingular and I was thinking of picking up the TomTom and with traffic reports it would make my decision even easier.

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