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    I don't know if this has been posted before, but I've made a file that will convert most video files into 3GP files for use with the 650's native video player. The freeware converter is located at:

    The site is in Japanese, but the file link is in english.... If someone else has a better link, please share.....

    Attached is the costom file that you place in the /default_settings folder .

    During Setup select the Model: Treo 650 configuration file and it will convert the video file to a high-quality 3GP file....

    Hope you enjoy... I have.

    If this is a repeat of an old threat, my bad....
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    You don't really need this. You can drag most video files into the Palm installer window and it will convert them on the fly. Unless there is some added benefit to this program I don't know about?
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    I haven't seen that posted before..... Oh well.. I guess I was just too smart by half. Hows the quality using the native converter? This prog is fast and it looks great...
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    The quality is ok. I have only transferred one video to the phone and it wasn't the greatest quality to start with. I haven't done enough to comment in depth.
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    For longer videos, AutoGK and TCPMP work best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    For longer videos, AutoGK and TCPMP work best.
    Amen for TCPMP.
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    quicktime does a great job, for me.
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