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    I know this is off topic, but I need to find a sim tray for my 600. PLEASE HELP!!! It won't work till I get one. I have been searching for days and this is my last idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkuo
    1. The 32MB of RAM was pretty inexcusable. While 32MB is livable, 64MB is basically standard and for an upgraded model leaving the RAM at 32MB was just silly.

    2. Also, can't go to "next or previous" message while reading a text message, like I was able to do on T600. (very annoying)!
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    Mine would be the dumb reset hole being in the most inconvienent place on the phone. Ideally of course, the future uncrashable Treos would do away with the hole all together. yeah right.
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    Battery Life...I have to charge mine every other night just to make sure it doesn't die when I need it the most. (Screen setting one notch above dark, no BT, no Beam)

    I miss those one charge a week days.....
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    No more hates or gripes since:
    - I installed Volume Care (version 3 just released -- go check it out): volume is great now.
    - I installed the newest firmware (1.28 GSM unlocked)
    - I installed the new version of dbcache tool.

    Resets are now a thing of the past, or at least very few and very far between.
    - Wouter
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    I think you can disable the touchscreen while on a call - somewhere in Prefs.
    - Wouter
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    Oh yeah: lack of SMS receipts. I wrote earlier that my gripes were solved -- but not this one. Thanks for reminding me. I WANT SMS RECEIPTS (grumble).
    - Wouter
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    I am with PDXTREO who mentioned this earlier.
    The biggest opportunity when PDAs and Mobile telephones merged onto one device was EMAIL.

    Versamail does not deliver even in the 3.0c incarnation.
    Try deleting lots of emails at once (after downloading attachments) about a train-wreck. You'll likely have to reinitialize all of your versamail settings...

    The fact that there are only two complaints about versamail doesn't mean it works for most people - it means that hardly anyone is still trying to make it work...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlstang

    2. Also, can't go to "next or previous" message while reading a text message, like I was able to do on T600. (very annoying)!
    this would be my #2. why the change? this was just stupid.
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    Um.. You don't have to to do a zero-out to do a hard reset, zero-out is a different thing. Hard reset is a power+up+reset button iirc.

    And why charge every other day and restrict yourself so much, charge it nightly. wth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    he asked me what I didnt like about the treo, and I could only really come up with one.

    the low volume of the headset. what is your top gripe?

    I'll have to go with lack of accessories.

    But serously, I'll say ditto on the volume issue. With Wi-Fi (or lack there of) and stability issues going back and forth between the Palm and phone functions coming close behind.
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    But not a hardware issue. I wish TreoCentral had a 'quote' function for the mobile version.
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    Also not a hardware or software issue. But I wish TreoCentral had a Wiki!!! Dunno how many times I'm gonna have to keep asking for this.

    What's it gonna take TC mods? How hard could it be??
    You set it up and then you leave it to we!

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    Disconnecting the internet is painful.
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    Though I have only had it for 2 days and either do not have the problems mentioned or have not experienced them, I would have to say;


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtreosexual
    Disconnecting the internet is painful.
    Try Battery Doctor. You can set it to disconnect on power off, 1, 5 or 10 minutes after.

    At least you can fix some of these things in software. You just can't add in extra RAM and it's driving me crazy trying to shuffle apps in there and make sure I have 5 MB of operating room... no excuse. Shoot the marketing department... then make them use a Treo 650 with 1 MB free space for two years.
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    Wi-Fi would be nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grndslm
    Yup, slinky's right. Too many key presses for your favorites. Here's how I'd design the phone & stock launcher:

    Butler fixes that. Just turn on K Launcher and it's one button press.
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    2.5 jack
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    the one thing i hate about the treo 650 is the people that complain about issues that are easily resolved by just reading the manual. Other than that it is the best phone I have ever owned.
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