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    I took a picture with the 650 of my relatives on the Batman coaster at Six Flags this weekend. The coaster was coming down FAST off a loop, and I had to anticipate its location ahead of time so the treo would get the picture.

    I thought it came out pretty good, (meaning not too blurry). Does anybody know the shutter speed on the 650 camera?
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    That pic looks pretty good! Did you use a tripod?
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    Great pic & you timed it just right!
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    No tripod. As I walked my way off the ride, there's a spot where you can see the next people riding the coaster. Rested my elbow on the hand rail, and snapped the pic. I was really surprised by the shutter speed, as I expected a long blurrrry image.
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    It really depends on the ambient light.
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    Agreed....Amazing pic!!

    The shutter speed is simply amazing. My girlfriend's dad just tried out the camcorder the other day at the golf course. Neither of us could believe that we could see the club head almost the entire swing.

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