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    can i travel with you next time
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    Just purchased a Treo 650 from Sprint on 6/27. No problems so far, knock on chrome.
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    Guess some of us just luck our way through life, as both my Treo 600 and Treo 650 (now) were only children - no replacements on the Treo 600 until I upgraded to the Treo 650, and now the Treo 650 is numero uno. I believe that I'm not all that unique, and that the multi-replacement crowd is in the minority.
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    I have had mine for almost 3 weeks - well make that about a week and a half each ( getting ready for my 3rd).

    I have no 3rd party apps, a few photos, and that is about it. Ill be darned if it doesnt reset, and/or freeze up solid about 5 times a day. I will try one more if cingular will let me, then switch to something with a little more stable OS.
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    I recieved my treo 650 from sprint in 2004. The sprint unit was terriable. The only thing worse than that was sprints consistant lies. I ended up returning it on day 30 and waited for the verizon version to come out. (best move)
    I love my verizon and would not use anything else. even though it is pricey. I have had my verizon about two weeks everything looks good.
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    Treo problems .... The horror...

    No actually, my 650 runs like a finely tuned engine. No probs at all.
    My treo 600 before this one worked great too.
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    Everybody I know personally with a Treo 650 found the earlier firmware releases to be fairly unstable, both the Sprint and GSM versions. And everyone who upgraded the firmware experienced a vast improvement in reliability and satisfaction. My rebooting and instability problems went away with the 1.21beta firmware, and have stayed away since my recent upgrade to the official 1.28 firmware. With the stock 1.14 that shipped with my GSM Treo, it crashed and rebooted at least once a day - now it's been over a month.

    If you'd asked me originally, I would have said I was moderately dissatisfied with the 650. If you asked me now, I'd say I am very satisfied, but there was still no excuse for such a buggy initial release - consumer products should be subjected to a FAR greater level of QA scrutiny than traditional software releases, and Palm screwed the pooch on this release.
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    100% in my experience. I'm afraid to exchange mine for any reason for fear of having issues like everyone else. It's like they made a high quality run in the beginning then started making defects after that or something.
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    3 600's, one 650. No problem here.
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    I am on Treo number 1 and have no complaints except that my Palm bluetooth headset doesn't work with it. It paired one time and neither have been able to pair ever since. This could be a firmware issue, but since I can't update my firmware I have no way of knowing (Cingular - which has the singular purpose of just taking your money).
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    I've been through three Treo's and lots of hassles, but the third one has been a keeper. It is still at times unstable but it IS a computer not just a phone. I've gotten used to the problems and solved most of them - - as others have said - - most have appeared to be due to software conflicts, etc. That said, I would sure appreciate it if Cingular came out with a Firmware update. My gut tells me they've given up on it. . .
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    Mine doesn't work at all. All play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    treo's work?



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    Quote Originally Posted by scoot_44
    I have had mine for almost 3 weeks - well make that about a week and a half each ( getting ready for my 3rd).

    I have no 3rd party apps, a few photos, and that is about it. Ill be darned if it doesnt reset, and/or freeze up solid about 5 times a day. I will try one more if cingular will let me, then switch to something with a little more stable OS.

    The problem is Cingular! They still haven't released the updated firmware for the 650 which is the solution for many of the treo problems.

    In my case, I'm on my 2nd 650 after the first one started freezign up b/c of a stuck key on the thumbboard. But that was my fault for accidently dropping it one day!
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    I am on my 1st 650 that I have had for 4 weeks now. Except for a few soft resets caused by zluancher, I have had no problems at all. Everything works fine. Whenever an issue comes up, I can usually find a solution in the directions, or somewhere here.
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    My SprintPCS T650 works AWESOME. The occasional reset is no problem.
    ... Go Go TREO !!! The 700wx and T755P are awesome
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    My VZW Treo is a bit unstable but workable. The issues I have are:

    Occasionally, when connecting to the HandsFreeLink in my Acura TL, the phone resets.
    When I use a specific piece of 3rd party software, the phone resets.

    That's it. Neither is enough to send the phone back, and I am otherwise enjoying it.
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    im 2 for 2, well one was a 600, but ive had no problems.

    im having flashbacks here...back when i had the Sidekick/sidekick II...their forums were flooded with complaints of faulty units..i neer had any problems tho
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    I was on a flight from London yesterday and happened to find myself sitting next to a lady who was the CIO for a large pharmaceutical company. Some months ago they purchased 1200+ Treo 650 phones and distributed them to sales and executive employees. All are Cingular branded and all have the pda data plan from Cingular.

    She said of the ones purchased, less than 50 have had problems. Some have been minor and some have required replacement. They are using Cingular's Enterprise XpressMail for email, which sort of surprised me.

    In any case, this is just one example of a large company using the Treo for its employees. They are quite happy with them so far. They are somewhat unusual in that push email capability was not a priority. The top priority was the phone's PDA functions as well as the calling features.

    Her Treo had no 3rd parrty apps! She did say that they did not place any restrictions on employees relative to adding 3rd party apps, but if an employee added them the company did not provide support for app problems. She also said a large number of employees did not have any additional apps and were using the phone with the built in apps only.

    I suspect this is also a possible example of the number of Treo's that end up having problems. 50+/- with problems is than 1/2% of the number they purchased. I don't know if that should be considered a high or low percentage, but it sounds soemwhat reasonable to me.
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    99.9% of them work but I hear there are some corrupt users
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