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    There's an application that I just can't find on the Palm platform - I really hope something similar exists. It was called HyperNewt on the Newton messagepads.

    What it gave you is a central filing system for most of your information.

    For example, you would create a folder called Work and a sub-folder called Employees. Then in that folder you can store links to all the information you have concerning your employees - contacts, notes, spreadsheets, documents, pictures, etc. You wouldn't have to open Word for a listing of documents only to find you wanted a spreadsheet, etc.. You wouldn't have to open contacts and search for an address. You wouldn't have to open notes and search for an outline.. It would all be right in front of you organized in folders. A very slick application!

    It's frustrating to want something and first have to think of the application I need to open just to find it.. I'm so used to my old Newton where everything was right in front of me a click away
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    Sounds like a wiki... there are several palm wiki apps out there. Do a search over at palmgear, handango, palmfreeware etc...
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    - (links handily among the 4 databases; spreadsheets may have to be in memopad format to link though)
    - (some neat desktop features)
    -Act for Palm (the handheld may offer more than the built in actions)
    There is also another program which supports powerful linking action, the name escapes me, but will post if I remember.
    p.s. have you any idea how to "send via beam" to your Newton MP from your Treo? or Treo to Newton MP? I am familiar with HyperNewt and marvel at how far ahead of it's time Newton was with it's integrated functions.

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