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    This is weird. I opened my palm desktop (Sprint Treo 600) and all my addresses are gone. My "to do's" and "my calendar" are there. But all the categories with my address info is empty.

    This happened once with my Clie (very long ago) and when I synced it, it emptied out my Clie. One person told me NOT to sync it when this happens as the sync will wipe the other out. I don't think I have enough addresses to be out of memory (about 300) and I don't use my palm to do email or complex processing. Just basically calendar and addresses and phone calls. I do have an undupe program in it plus a TAKEphONE software and some other small programs.

    I have c drive backup compressed on a cd. did it yesterday with NERO. I just looked and found the following: PalmAD~1.ABA, PalmDA~1.DBA, Palmmemo, To do etc.

    I have everything on my palm, but I want to make sure I don't lose it if I sync it. What can I do?
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    Look under your Palm install directory for the following sub-directories: address, datebook, todo and memopad. Within each of these, there should be one of the following: /address.dat, /datebook.dat, /todo.dat and /memopad.dat; restore those files into those directories. Once that's done, launch the Palm Desktop; if your desktop calendar, addressbook, todo list and memopad show the data you expect, then you're ready to go: change the action on the datebook, address, todo and memopad conduits to "Desktop overwrites handheld" and Hotsync.

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