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    When I try to send an e-mail (XpressMail) on my 650 and want to find a contact's e-mail address I go to Compose a new message then click on the To field. This brings up a screen that asks for a Name and below it says:
    Search in: Palm Address Book. The Palm Address Book part is in a drop down list but it is the only thing in the drop down. When I try to look up a name which I know is in Contacts the message I receive is:

    Error - No contacts could be found. Please refine your search and try again.

    Where do I find the Palm Address Book on my Treo? Is there a way to add Contacts to the drop down list? (or Act for Palm for that matter?)

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    Like Jeff, when I use Xpressmail (Xpress Mail) and try to search for a contact in the Palm Address Book, I get very inaccurate results. Sometimes it will find the contact and sometimes it won't. I can't seem to find a forum anywhere to support this app.

    Can anyone either point me to a better forum, or offer assistance?
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    I've always had this work correctly.

    Maybe (my guess), is your email IDs are not correctly labled as "email".

    The label is "Lookup" on my phone, not "Search in: Palm Address Book"
    Game over!

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