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    Some basic discovery of approximate space savings on making custom ROMs, by file types removed. Please add to this list.

    Removing any language, of the 5 standard, De, En, Es, Fr, It, each saves approx .98 MB. If you are a single language primary user, that is close to 4MB of saved ROM, near as I can tell. Worked for me. (Dang this sloooow dial up.... )

    Files removed: 4 languages, with 254 files for each language for various progs, RealPlayer and the Tutorial.

    Registered programss added: RescoExplorer, Uninstall, Cleanup, BackupBuddyVFS, CardExport II, PowerRun and Converter.

    Free MB pre ROM changes: 17.3 pre
    Free MB post ROM changes: 21.9

    Those language files make a big difference.

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