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    I read posts as often as I can and I start wanting software even when I don't know what it's for. So, now I think I want Zlauncher but don't really know what it does or what it competes with. I just know that many sites list it as a must have. Please tell me why and please tell me if there are any similar competitive products because I'm so obsessed with my treo, I may get 2 apps that are the same without knowing it.

    Save me from myself and drop a little knowledge on me, please.
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    There are a gazillion different 3rd party launchers out there like, zlauncher, ispin, launcherx etc... Try them all to see which one you like...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marianne
    Thanks, went to the site and read about what Zlauncher does... problem is I didn't understand a lot of what I read. I wasn't sure how the list of things it does differs or improves on what the treo already does. That may sound crazy but it's the truth.

    Can anyone simplify it for me? In other words, can someone tell me what it does better than my treo?

    Maybe those who have it can explain what they love about it that the treo fell short on.

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    Check out this thread.
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    And go here for a list of many other launchers, including concise descriptions of each one's capabilities:

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