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    Right, how's about this....

    I've played about a bit with SSH/Remote Desktop apps on my t600...

    However, would a halfway style system be possible to implement?

    Rather than completley textual, or completley graphical, use SSH to grab directory structure, even look up icons (is that possible?), and present a rough file browser, either tree=based, or just folder by folder.

    This way, if you have lots of stuff you'd like access to, but not necesarily carry about with you, you could set up a folder to connect to on yr computer, fill it up with prc's, Word/Excel files, even set up some script files, and perhaps execute from yr palm? If something like this could install and download/upload to a computer, and was placed as a catergory in the App catergory list... I'd be happy.

    *mind wanders*

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    You've described a graphical interface to ftp. Look for an ftp client and see if that will do what you want.

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    Yeah! Almost though - more a graphical SSH-style thing. Just slightly more options than FTP, the ability to run stuff on yr computer as well as get things on your palm. More a low low overhead remote desktop style system...

    Is there anything like that already about?

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