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    I was hoping another Sony Ericcson HBH-660 owner may be able to help me. When I hit the main button on the 660 to make a voice call, I get the chime and then say the name. It recognizes the name and then starts to call the person. However, the 660 then for some reason sends the call to the phone and I can no longer hear anything on the headset (although it is still on).

    As first it sent it to my phone's speaker phone. Now it is just sending it to the phone itself (not speaker phone). I'm currently testing the 660 and a Jarba 250. The 660 is the first headset I've tested that does this. The Jarba continues to work normally and I can use the voice option and then continue my call with the headset. This makes me think I need to adjust a setting on the 660.

    I've gotten a hold of the instructions but quite frankly, they suck. Does anyboy have any idea why when I do a voice name tag call, the 660 hears me, my phone calls the person, but the headset essentially deactivates (like I said, it doesn't actually turn off. . . it sort of sends the call to the phone).

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    no one else has experienced this problem?
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    Actually, from what I have been reading all over these forums, you are the only one who has voice tags working with any bluetooth headset. What was your step by step procedure to set up voice tags with the 660? Also, when you hit the main button does it wake up the Treo and give you the chime or does it take 2 steps? I found a local shop here that will let me try the 660 and if voice tags work I would probably get it.
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    i have the 662 and voice tags do not work with mine. i would be very interested to know how you got it to work?!?
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    It has been widely documented that voice dialing/voice tags, do not work with bluetooth headsets. lawtyger, I'm with jgm....could you please post (step by step) what you did for this to work.
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