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    Ok guys, I'm new to the whole IMAP push email thing. I use roadrunner and gmail and have them both forwarding to fastmail for the push. When I open Chatter, i see the little connecting message in the lower right corner and it retrieves my messages. My question is: I thought the whole push thing meant that the email would be sent to your phone on its own in real time.... is it possible to not have Chatter open and still receive emails in real time? and be notified when they come in... say while it's in the phone app or just Zlauncher? is there some setting? thanks and please excuse my ignorance
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    do you have the folder or folders online? if they are online then you should be getting your emails regardless if the app or another app is open or if the phone is sleep...
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    Yeah the folders are online.. each time i close Chattermail before it actually closes i see the little envelope in the lower right corner go away and then each time i open it it says connecting and then the envelope appears...
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    If you're using SSL and need background "push", then you need to get the Matrix SSL package at (there's a 5 day trial). I know GMail uses SSL, so that is explained... are you using roadrunner with SSL as well?

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    Yeah I figured that out, finally. I noticed there was a little lock over the envelope icon and started exploring. I did have SSL checked so I disabled that and now it works as it should. I know Roadrunner is working properly, I'll have to check out the Matrix pac for Gmail. thanks for the help!!
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