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    I'm desperatly trying to help out my dad who has a very short fuse...

    His farely new (1 month) Treo 650 w/Cingular stopped working as a phone today. All other functions work (internet, games, etc), it has signal (shows bars in addition to the fact we are in a location where calls can always be made), but when you press "call/dial" or click on the "phone" shortcut the sceen just blinks and nothing happens. In other words:

    It's not working as a phone!

    I held done the small button on the side and it said something like "Would you like to turn on the phone function?", I said "yes", it does something for a few seconds, but this did nothing, if you try to make a call or use it as a phone you won't get anywhere, not even past the main menu with all the shortcuts. PLEASE HELP BEFORE HE BRAKES IT?
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    Any new software on the phone?

    Make sure the SIM is firmly placed. Some use paper shims to ensure contact correctly.

    Try a soft reset.

    Pressing the right phone key/power key for a few seconds should prompt a chime, indicating the phone is powering up or down.
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    Yea, tried a soft reset, didn't work. Phone made a chime when "turning on" even though it didn't. Went ahead a did a hard reset and now it's working as a phone but won't connect to the web etc. Probably just needs to be set-up again, unfortunately I didn't set it up, some guy at the store did, so looks like my dad is going back for what, the 4th time this month? Thanks though.

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