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    My questions is this. does the leather strap used to hold the cover on, eventually strech enough for someone to bend the cover backwards ?

    That us my only hesitation at all from ordering.

    Does anyone have any pics of one in use etc?

    Second question. Has anyone thought of or done this?

    Drilling a small hole on the bottom of the case by the mic area to allow the phone to work and sound decent while the cover is closed?

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    The T 66 is not available on Vaja website currently.
    Let me know if you some other info
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    It was just there the other day.
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    Emailed Vaja customer service today.
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    Did they give a valid reason as to why it was taken off?
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    Yet to hear from them .
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    I had emailed them and here is the response I got.

    Dear Jonathan,

    We are not offering the T66 case now but will be uploading this item in 20 days approximately. We will contact you again when the case is ready to be offered if you want.

    Thanks for your interest in our cases!
    Cingular Branded Treo 650
    Firmware: 1.51
    Software: 1.13

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    Same respone was sent to me.

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