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    I use Agendus 9.0.5 and have recently noticed that it seems to be automatically updating the weather forecast daily. It did not do this previously (in fact, I had requested this feature from Iambic). I am happy to see this but also was wondering whether I could control this or not--I can't seem to find any pref panel to control when this occurs.
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    this happens to me too. i dont know when it occurs, and i haven't noticed an increase in web activity (those little green arrows); battery life is fine. I'm running a very stable 9.06...though i first noticed it with 9.05. the quotes dont update automatically, which is nice too b/c i like to copy some of them down when i have the chance.
    the weather program is a nice little feature....and worth the price!
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    Nope not on mine, just quote of the day does.
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