Recently I decided to purchase the MDesk progrma for my 650, from MotionApps. I noted their products on their site have Customer "Support". I also noted that they advise there is abosolutely no return on a product once a registration id has been issued.

Following installation and registration, I had numerous lockups/problems when launching MDesk, usually disabling my Treo within 1-3 minutes of MDesk launch. I made specific note/email to the MotionApps, located in S. Calif. Initially I received an return email stating:

"Thank you for your e-mail.

This is really unusal behavior. Anyway, I will pass the complete info you've sent us to our development team for further analysis, since this doesn't look like something trivial.

Best Regards,"

That response sounded reasonable. However, several days later I received this brief note, without explaination:

"Dear Valued Customer,

Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. We have changed the status of your request with a Ticket Id 11817 to CLOSED.

Thank you for using our customer support services.

MotionApps Customer Support Team"

I have email MotionApps since then, and by complete lack of subsequent response, they apparently are ignoring my email and concerns. I find their behavior not only unprofessional, but troubling, as they violate basic tenants of servicing their own product. This is a violation of Calif law. If I were (still) in Calif, I would attend to their breach of warranty as allowed by Fed/Calif law and remedy therein. I think that they do not understand how to gain basic customer satisfaction through their 'support' services, and their lack of care for the customers warrants no business at all.