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    I'm no stranger to technology, I can program a VCR & have hacked the windows registry and recovered from crashing installer programs etc. but Trying to get a Palm device to connect via Bluetooth to sare in the desktop's internet connection - I have wasted hours on this!! Why do I persevere? eg. If I want to send a quick email during a meeting at work - I want to do that internally on the co. network & surf the Intranet - not go outside to send a mail back inside.

    Even before the Treo I was trying to get a Clie NZ90 to do this with no success. I can pair the devices OK (even though this seems tempremental). I can hotsync with blue tooth serial - but I can't get it speaking IP properly. I have a GSM unlocked Treo 650 - so it's always had the DUN option there. I have tried setting up new connections/Network items (fm thread 'reverse DUN works') I have read it all & I have searched 1Src site also. I have recently also tried PDANet - nothing seems to work. I know it locks out Blazer etc. when DUN is on - but I have another browser. Always jumps back to GPRS

    Simple question - my desktop dongle is 1.1 BT (Belkin F8T001) - so the services incl Network access - but not A2DP & PAN which I think is only part of BT 1.2? So do I need a 1.2 device to get this working - should I invest in a newer dongle that WinXP picks up automatically withou extra drivers or should it work through the Belkin. Looking for any leads?
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    I got mine to work at home through Blazer and Versamail. However, when I want to use the network at work it just won't play ball. I'm sure all I need is the right combination of IP addresses and DNS settings but can I figure out what they are??? Hell no.
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    You got Reverse DUN to work with the Blazer and Versamail apps? Just to be clear, I'm talking about using the BT connection on the Treo 650 to access an internet connection on a computer system (via internet connection sharing) and then accessing web sites or email via Blazer or Versamail respectively with that BT connection and not over the phone's WAN connection, right? If so, how did you get Blazer and Versamail to work? I have a Sprint Treo 650 and they seem to be hard-wired to always attempt to use the WAN connection even if the Reverse DUN connection exists and is active. Any help is greatly appreciated!


    - marc

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