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    I have a problem..
    My hard drive died this week. I use Quicken 2005 and Pocket Quicken 2.5. I apparently last backed up my files in Q2005 in April. Since then I have used/backed up PQ 2.5 (thank God) to my SD card via TealBackup. I have tried everything I know (we're talking 4 hours now of trying and retrying) to:

    Open Quicken desktop -
    Open backup file...
    Sync PQ with desktop - Nothing is reconciling!! I *KNOW* my handheld is accurate, but I don't have it set up to be stand alone - I can't get my desktop to match the handheld when all I want to do is pull everything in FROM the handheld.. it looks as if it's only sending "new transactions" instead of EVERYTHING (during the gap of time that I've backed up I have reconciled my accounts, so I have some transactions that are "cleared" and I think PQ thinks they aren't new, etc) -(which is how you want it typically, so you don't constantly have "matches") but I need to know if there's a way to accept and let the handheld overwrite the desktop- this is NOT an option in the PQ conduit! I want to just pull everything from my handheld onto my desktop, and I've tried "exporting to QIF" but that doesn't even jive! Does anyone know how I might be able to simply have the desktop match my handheld?
    Anyone have a suggestion for me to try? This has to be possible.. I just know it


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    I know you will say ugh and this only works if you are using a bank to make transactions - intuit will give you a command to use in the program that will reset so that when you go to the bank using the program to download - it will download the history.
    Happen to me about 18 months ago - sorry don't remember the command.
    This is not all that unusual so if you can't get ahold of intuit - go to the bank help desk.

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