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    Sorry to burst your bubble, but in order to get my TTG700 to hook up to the TomTom servers for Plus service all my Cingular phone had to do was turn on the DUN setting. Everything else was Automatic. Now if you tell me doing all the above allows for the TomTom to act as a Hands Free Car Kit, then I will personally sing your praises. The Plus services are interesting, but I think most of us are looking for hands free service.
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    Sorry bioart, resinomer and all,

    As usual, I spoke (in this case wrote) before I had all of the details. Question? While connected to your TomTom services, can you at least receive calls on your Treo? What I mean is if someone calls you, can you physically pick up your Treo and answer the call? Had it happen to me when my wife called the other day. I figure if I am able to talk on the phone and still download data as needed, then you should be able to use your handsfree options. I was told it was a software issue?
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    I don't have a TT so cannot experiment, but maybe one of you guys might want to try the following:

    This piece of software will make your Treo show FTP / OBEX services and perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, the TT unit will then like it.

    Or maybe:

    (coz somewhere in the thread someone said the Treo does not support the regular BT serial port protocol and this software seems to do just that).

    Anyway, hope someone figures this out coz I was planning on buying a TT GO!
    - Wouter
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    Wow Oakley Boy! You need to be given an award for that information. Your looking at a Cingular Treo 650 user that finally got his TTG700 connected to the GO PLUS services through his phone thanks to Oakley Boy's great directions! Although I did experience a little problem, it was solved by turning BT "OFF" then back "ON" and then turning on "DUN" just after STEP 1B. I was able to start using my free trial, tomtom PLUS traffic and downloading new map colors and such. Although it won't let me download the things I have to pay for yet, such as detailed city maps and such, but It tells me that feature isn't available directly to my TTG700 yet. (not a network issue)

    Now, I have yet to use my TREO and TTG700 as a hands free config, but I'm willing to bet there is a solution for that too.
    How incredible is it that 2 great companies such as TomTom and Palm can make such instruments that can communicate with people halfway around the world, satellites floating hundreds of miles away in space at 100,000 MPH, but can't talk to each other 4 inches away. Disorganization I suspect. I'll tell you this... This is the stupidest smartphone I have ever used.
    Palm and TomTom, if your listening, take some advise. Take one tech from each company, put them in a room with a computer, a Treo 650 (from different carriers) and a TTG700 and don't let them leave till they have work it out. If you have a little extra money to spend, you might want to employ Oakley Boy to help you guys understand each other. These stupid errors you’re popping up are useless.
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    Oh! And I did make one change. In step 1B I had the "connection" as "GPRS" instead of "wireless dial-up". This worked for me. Go figure.
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    I've monitored this forum for quite some time so when I purchased my Tom Tom 700, it was with the hope that somehow someone would figure out how to get these two devices to comunicate via bluetooth. I like many others tried different setups with no positive results...until yesterday when I gave it another shot and IT WORKED!!! I can now make and recieve calls with my Tom Tom. The TT downloaded the contacts in my speed dial but not my entire contact list, while I would like to have it all I'm happy to have the functionallity that I do have. I used it all day today and the performance was flawless. Here's what I've got.

    Sprint Treo 650 1.12-SPCS
    Tom Tom 700 5.202
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    I just don't get why the bluetooth protocal is different for a Sprint 650 and a Cingular 650. I realize the phone service is completely different, but as far as bluetooth is concerned, it should be the same.
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    I have just experienced the same problem as sbessel.

    I have had my T650 and TT700 paired and working fine for the past few months. Besides some half-duplex type behavior, I've been really happy.

    However, due to some weird T650 system issue, I had to hard reset my phone. Upon doing so (prior to reloading any apps), I proceeded to try to re-pair the phone with the TT700. No luck. I've tried hard resetting again. No luck. I've tried soft resets. No luck. I even tried to stand on one leg and bounce up and down. No luck. All I get is the OBEX Object Push message on the TT700, then "The required features could not be found for this phone".

    Today I finally reinstalled the Sprint 1.12 updater, hoping perhaps something else happened during the hard reset. Again, no help.

    Anyway, if anyone figures out a way to get these two devices to re-pair after a hard reset, PLEASE let me know. I am beginning to wish I had taken my wife's advice three months ago and just bought a bluetooth headset and a Rand McNally Atlas...

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have a really weird dealio. I can get the Tom Tom 700 to come up on the Treo 650's Blue Tooth screen. (Meaning, blue tooth sees it) But, when I accept it and it asks for the passcode (0000) it rejects it! Is the passcode something other than the typical 0000?

    Sprint Treo 650
    Tom Tom 700 5.201
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    but I haven't heard of ANYONE who has been able to get the TTG700 paired from the T650. Every instance of this working (even for a short time) is when you do the pairing from the TTG700 and have it pick up the T650.
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    Man, I have Read this entire thread. And I am amazed that TOMTOM says it wont work.
    I have a Verizon T650 with DUN enabled. Does anyone know the Login Script the TT700 is looking for when you manualy set up the internet settings? I can not get Hands free or the internet working. I can connect my PC to the phone and connect just fine no problems. I know all the logins and passwords. but I'll be dammed if the TT will connect.
    I'm starting to wonder if the TT even works. I've tried wverything checked the software rev's ,hard resets ect..

    Anyone any luck with Verizon?
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    Today TomTom released a new firmware version that offers CDMA support. It also looks like it offers some undocumented fixes. Update Here.

    I updated and was successfully able to connect to TomTom traffic using my Sprint phone with DUN enabled. It said it connected to traffic and weather... although I could not see what that actually did, but that is for another forum. I only spent a few minutes on the traffic portion, as I really wanted hands free working. For settings I selected everything offered, for carrier I slected Other as Sprint was not listed, I left my username and password blank, and used #777 for dialing code.

    I then tried to connect the hands free, which I had working before under 5.202, but lost it when I had to do a hard reset of my Treo. I tried everything and kept getting the same 'no supported features' messages... then for fun I tried it with the phone section of my Treo off, and it WORKED! I paired and downloaded my address book. I then turned on the phone and made a successful call, and I have turned both on/off a few times and they are staying paired..

    I am not sure what fixed what (well I know before the last update I could not get networking) but the hands free is wonderful to have back again.

    It would be interesting to hear from someone that has not done the update if they can pair hands free if they leave the phone off...

    (There is also a thread about this on a TomTom forum)
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    I read through all the posts in this thred, and haven't heard one comment about the sound quality. Does this device work well as a bluetooth device for making and receiving calls? For those few of you that have it working that is. Can the other callers hear you well? How do they sound? Is their an option for an external mic., or speaker?
    Blue Skies,
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    Quote Originally Posted by skydivewags
    I read through all the posts in this thred, and haven't heard one comment about the sound quality. Does this device work well as a bluetooth device for making and receiving calls? For those few of you that have it working that is. Can the other callers hear you well? How do they sound? Is their an option for an external mic., or speaker?
    Sound quality through the speaker is good, the factory mic, not so good... but you can plug in an external mic that sounds much better. Most people don't seem to notice when I have the ext mike connected that I am running through my TomTom. If you get the car kit then the sound goes through the speakers and mutes the stereo...
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    I did some more quick testing today, and with my Sprint phone in DN mode I was able to get weather and traffic reports/updates, download new colors from TomTom Plus and look at other downloads there. When finished I disabled DUN turned off the phone section, re-paired and made a few calls...
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    I am SO THRILLED that this works again! Before reading Scott's thread, I downloaded the updated 5.420 ROM, and turned the phone feature off and did a pairing, and it worked beautifully.

    Looks like there may be some sound optimization as well with this release, as it asked me whether I was using the docking shoe mic or an external one. Also, this was the first time I was able to see the TomTom traffic info. I'll try it out for a while and see if it's worth the $$$. Thanks Scott for the information on how to set up the Internet connection on Sprint.

    Anyway, I was actually considering selling my TTG700 on ebay today, and I am glad I didn't!

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    Hey guys. Thanks for the updates and I'm not able to access traffic and so on. I tried phone section off, dun off, and still get the phone to work. Any thoughts.
    Thanks so much.
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    Hey guys,
    Sorry. The traffic now works perfectly thats to your information. But phone still doesn't operate, even with "phone section" off and dun off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trustyct
    Hey guys,
    Sorry. The traffic now works perfectly thats to your information. But phone still doesn't operate, even with "phone section" off and dun off.
    You have to loose the DUN/Traffic pairing o the TTG700 - so select disable traffic, turn off your phone mode, disable DUN, then on the TT select phone and when it asks stay connected say no, it will then re-pair to your phone in hands free mode. This is a royal pain to switch back and forth as it does not rememebr settings, worse going back to traffic as you have to go through the entire setup again.

    It would sure be nice to see a standalone Treo650 TomTom program what would allow us to use both at the same time. With both companies having an easily accessable SDK it is possible, I just don't think the demand would be high enough.
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