I'd appreciate any help that anyone can provide.

I upgraded my T600 to T650 last week. I'm trying to get it to work in my Lexus LS430. The new 1.12 update seems to have solved most of the problems that appear to have troubled many in the past, as I had no problem with getting the phone to work over Bluetooth.

The one thing I can't figure out is how to update the car's phone book. I tried using Send Category in my Contacts, which sends the contacts, but not the phone numbers. I end up with the contact name and then bars to the right, like this: |||||||||

I read in one of the forums that someone was able to get around this by sending the Favorites, however they did not explain how they did it, and I can't figure it out for the life of me. That would work fine for me, as those are the people that I'm usually calling anyway.

Does anyone have any solution, either way?

Thanks a million!