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    I am looking for something similiar to pocket maps or Express but an offline version, I've got plenty of free space and do alot of traveling around baltimore and western maryland. The biggest thing for me is having an offline application.
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    mapopolis and tomtom both no go, why?
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    hey nikolasmor..

    So far I have used Rand Mcnally Street Finder, Delorme Pocket Streets and M$ Streets and Trips. M$ won't load maps to Palm OS even with M$ activesync. Won't work Palm OS. Something about paying for a Subscription, I won't do that. Delorme will load maps to Palm OS and will work with GPS Software. I didn't like Delorme because it takes forever and a day to load up on the laptop. It seems to remember every map that was previously loaded.

    Rand Mc Nally Street Finder works very well. Loads on the lap top quickly and you can customize the maps prior to transfer to the 650 on the hotsync. Rand Mc Nally tells me they have no plans to update it though. I prefer Rand Mc Nally and still use it every day.

    Also I have used online yahoo maps and driving directions and Map Quest maps and driving directions. These you can save as a url on the phone or what I do is save the driving directions in a folder in my documents folder and then transfer the driving directions to memos and sync to the phone. You can save the yahoo and mapquest maps to the phone without being a url. When you have the map on the phone screen, put your thumb on the screen and hold it there. Then save it to photos and videos app and transfer it to your SD card if you want to.

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    REALLY!!!!?! I'll be darned...I have asked this same question before..a few times in fact ...and so far only got TomTom and Mapopolis as replies. I have Mapopolis, but I hate it. Sucks to have to figure out what maps you need to load...I don't know what the counties are 99% of the time! MUCH prefer the Pocket Streets method. So you are saying that both Delorme AND Rand McNally have similar features as MS Streets and Trips, in the sense that I can select whatever map area I want and export that for handheld transfer (in this case Palm)?
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    hey mobidutch..

    Yeah, once you have the map program up on the pc, like Rand Mc Nally for example, then you click a little window called find and type in the address or city or town. No counties needed. Once you have what you need, then you hotsync the map to the phone. On Rand mc Nally, the maps open up to a 12 magnification. you can shrink it down to 8 mag or less to load it to the phone. The more you shrink it down, the more the kilo bytes get loaded to the phone, in other words, you can have a lot of map. Once on the phone, you can move the map around by touching the screen with your finger and move it around.

    You can save the Rand Mc Nally app to the SD card, but the maps get saved to the phones ram. The phone will save 1 or 2 megs of maps on the ram. which translates to about 3 or 4 maps.

    Once I am done with the map, I delete it from the phones ram.

    The Rand Mc Nally and Delorme software comes with Palm OS app you quick install to the phone or any other Palm devise with 2.5 or higher. I have used the Rand mcnally on a tungsten "E" and T-5 also.

    On the phone, the Rand Mcnally app has a tool bar that will let you further customize the maps once they are installed to the phone.

    You can find the Rand Mc Nally or Delorme software in just about any store that sells software. Comp USA would be a good choice to check.

    I would prefer the M$ streets and trips, because it's updateable, but it will only load on phones that use M$ 2003 or higher software.

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    And Rand McNally is strickly an offline operation correct?
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    about as offline as you can get. you don't even have to get on the web..

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    Thanks for the details Chuck. I don't have a lot of RAM left to play with...I may free up some once Verizon puts out a ROM update and shadowmite enables it for custom ROMs. Do you know if DeLorme lets you save maps to SD Card?
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    Whoa...reading DeLorme's product feature list, and it says: "Store your maps on removable-media devices". They're coming out with a new version in August though...I think I'll sit tight for a bit...

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