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    I have read a few threads where people had modded their themes to show the signal bars in zlauncher themes that had none a while back before I liked zlauncher. I was wondering how they did this. I searched but could not find the post again. I would just like to know what programs they are using to do this.
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    It's an "Info Button"
    I think I added it to my Treo as a separate file, (I'll look to see where I got it)
    Goto ZL Preferences, Top/Bot Bar (tab in prefs)
    then tap on a space on the top bar, and select Info Button, a list box should appear of the available info buttons....
    Hope this helps, and I will look to see where I got the "signal button"
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    From the archives:

    Try here:

    I use the last theme on the bottom Right.
    I think it has a signal button with-in it...
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    This is how I added the signal strength indicator to my theme:

    Constructor of the CodeWarrior package ( was all that I used. When I downloaded the demo, Constructor never expired. I don't know if that's still the case. And Constructor got its own icon in the start menu group.

    After I posted these instructions, someone PM'd me and was having problems using Constructor - turns out it's a flaky program if it doesn't like the memory configuration in your computer.
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