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    Greetings all:
    I switched over to a visor deluxe several months ago (from a palm 3x), and loaded all my programs on with no problems. i did notice, however, that recycle acted strangely on the visor:

    --the screen turns completely black
    --the processing can take up to 3-4 minutes (even though I have about the same number of programs as I did on the palm)
    --frequently there is a freeze, and i have to do a reset (sometimes a soft one, some times a hard one)
    --even if the program doesn't freeze, when it returns (and displays the recycle screen that shows the amount of space recycled), the contrast on my handheld noticeably lightens up, and I have to reset the contrast.

    i have used recycle with hacks enabled and not; no difference in performance.

    any suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Recycle probably isn't OS 3.1-compatible, which would make sense since (supposedly) OS 3.1 automatically defrags at some set interval.
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