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    Who here has bought nesem for their treo? Is it great or what.
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    Little John (LJP) is better, faster and free.
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    LJP don't work for me. Sez sumpin' 'bout Tapwave device only. Wuddup??
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    I agree LJP is the best, now if I could just get zDoomz to work
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    I abandoned NESEM once I found LJP. The latest version doesn't work too well. I am running on 0.8 and very happy. That app combined with UDMH is quite some powerful emulator!
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    Kalemsoft says version 1.8 is coming soon. I hope so. 1.7 sucked.
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    LJP is pretty neat, especially considering it is free.
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    I like little john, works great! you need udmh for snes support and should consider overclocking for snes or genisis games.
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    Hmmm... last time I played with LJP it didn't work on my 650 at all... I checkout the latest build to see what all the excitement is about!
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    I'm using the latest one (0.93) and it works fine on NES. I'm not interested in buying UDMH, so I guess I won't do the SNES thing. . .
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    I am actually using both LJP and NESem and I think for just down and dirty NES games NESem is great, I like LJP and honestly don't see any speed difference. Now when I play SNES and Genesis LJP does shine, the graphics look great, though I do have a sound issue, none of the emu's work with sounds in LJP, not sure what I am doing wrong. Oh well, I play it at work where its quiet anyway!
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