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    I now get a "proxy server does not exist" error when using Webpro. I can disable proxy but when I exit I get a "not enough memory error" and my phone resets. After the reset the proxy is enabled again. Is the proxy no longer available?
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    I started seeing the same proxy error yesterday - oy!

    also - I have always had the "if you change your prefs you die upon exiting" issue with webpro on the 650
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    I noticed the same error message when I used webpro to access paypal this morning. This really blows. Blazer can't access paypal, now webpro. Hope it is temporary.
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    Thats the worst news i've heard since I've owned my Treo. I love Webpro. This is a sad sad day if this isn't temporary.
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    This is definatly the worst news, I have just about every browser available for my 650, Blazer, Webviewer,Xiino, Picsel Browser and the one I used the most was Webpro 3.0.1a It allowed me to view sites the other would not. dang! Thats too bad Webpro 3.5 doesnt work on the 650
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    Yup, same problem here. Anyone know of another proxy we can use?
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    Same here. FWIW, there's a thread about this on the PalmOne forums too:
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    Hopefully its a weekend issue, and Palmone will get it resolved first thing Monday morning. I certainly hope so, because I'm one of the people who actually shelled out the $35 bucks when I purchased it for my 600. Thing is, Palmone doesn't offer web support for any of their apps.
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    Just wanted to let everyone know the proxy is working again!!
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    WHEW!!! That's good news! I was begining to wonder that they might be blacklisting certain serials etc somehow to prevent patched version of webpro from accessing the proxy!
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    Thank the Gods
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    I could be wrong but it seems faster now, maybe upgraded proxy maybe?
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    Hi - are you all using as your proxy, as instructed in the kb?? When I use that, I get an error telling me that the network doesn't exist. But when I change it back to the original proxy (, it's working again.

    Just curious. Thanks

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    Is webpro faster than xiino?

    I know they are all different - one handles java better, another renders pages slightly differently, UI varies..etc.

    but my main question is regarding how speedily webpro handles downloads compared to xiino. Is it zippier?
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    Setting aside the fact that this is a bit off-topic for this thread...

    FWIW - I chose WebPro over Xiino because it displayed some pages more to my liking and I was more comfortable with the interface. Also, if memory serves, Xiino was undergoing a change of management at the time and I wasn't sure where it was headed (if anywhere). Not that WebPro's heading anywhere, of course; Palm seems to have ceased development on it as a stand-alone product as of a year ago.

    As far as speed is concerned, I think Xiino may have been ever-so-slightly faster, but not enough to balance out the other considerations for me.

    It's worth trying them both.
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    If saving RAM is an issue, I've noticed Xiino runs much better from the SD Card than Webpro. When you run Webpro from the SD Card it loads a ton of configuration files individually which takes forever. If you have a big cache saved in Webpro, it takes even longer to load. Xiino fires up quickly from the SD Card, even with a big cache saved.

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