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    My company is switching carriers, so after reading this forum for the last few weeks, I ordered my Treo 650, which arrives Monday. I have a Tungsten C so I figured I'd get use to the Treo pretty quickly. Are there any suggestions on what to do when it arrives ie: disable anything, don't load anything etc. I'm new to the smartphone world and you guys/gals seem to have a lot of knowledge. Thanks for any guidance/input.
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    what service provider do you have?
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    Verizon is what we are switching to...
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    1. RTFM!

    That's Read The - Umm - FAVORABLE - Manual

    2. CHARGE the battery. (while you RTFM)

    3. Shop for accessories - you want a spare battery, a case, maybe a dock and cable. Definitely a headset (wired or BT)


    Don't just start buying a slew of apps and load them on without READING not only TFM but also the specs on the app.

    Don't DROP your Treo - it's sensitive!

    Don't let your animal companions or children play with it. Lots of Treos For Sale with chewed antennae.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    The number one mistake that new owners of the Treo 650 make when upgrading from another Palm or Treo is the wholesale installation of everything that worked on the old machine to the T650. There are quite a few apps that work perfectly well on the TC that will crash the Treo 650 - the best case for such apps is that they've been worked on by their developers and new versions designed specifically for the Treo 650 are available for your use; else, you'll need to abandon them and try something else.

    This means that your first HotSync of your empty Treo 650 should load only PIM data and no 3rd party software. Follow these instructions for the upgrade process. I think it's a good idea to try your Treo 650 in this "clean" state for a day or two before you start loading 3rd party applications to it.

    Here's a good place to check on the compatibility of applications before you decide to finally load them to your Treo: The Palmone Treo 650 Software Compatibility List
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    My Verizon Treo 650 wanted to load Documents To Go on the first HotSync. That's fine, but I wasn't expecting to install third-party software then. In fact, I was following instructions from the PDAphonehome board for those moving data and settings from a Kyocera 7135 to the Treo 650 (which worked).

    My number one thing to watch when setting up the Treo for the first time (hope it's not too late): Turn OFF the Network Time setting Verizon offers you right after you choose the language for your smartphone. The odd behavior of the Treo combined with a startup time check from Verizon is well-documented, but also avoidable.
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    Other things I found helpful (using the Treo since Monday 7-4-05):

    I beamed each category of Contacts to the new phone. Turn "beam receive" ON to do this. Then you may wish to turn it off to save the battery a bit.

    I did not have categories on my old Calendar. The Treo does. I used Export from the old phone data (temp user name) on the new Palm Desktop software. Then I moved to the user name of the Treo and picked a category (or use Unfiled). That's where all your Calendar entries will go when you use Import. Took 30 seconds to move 6373 entries.

    You can type the shortcut loop and do things like a time stamp or date stamp. Using the Treo keyboard, type s (or S), then Alt, then go down the list to the loop and push Center. Type ts and the time is stamped. I haven't found a way to modify the shortcuts, but this is one I used frequently.
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    Thanks for the responses! What a great forum!
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    Is anyone using Beyond Contacts on their Treo 650?
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    Consider eGrips and a screen protector (boxwaves are faves).

    not sure if this is a Verizon consideration, but check this thread: is a fun site to surf every week or two

    and spend at least 30 minutes a day surfing TreoCentral - "New Posts" and read, read, read - you'll be an informed user in about a week or 2, and an expert in a month or two
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    I'm a Verizon Treo 650 owner of almost a week. I'm glad to help if you need me. It was a frustrating, rebooting experience for the first few days and so far, cross my fingers, we're doing OK. I don't think you need to blow all your time reading but decide what apps you want to load and check experience here. The "compatibility list" is pretty accurate, I guess, and I'll list mine eventually. Be patient and good luck.

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