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    I'd love to have a program on my Palm that would:

    Show me my Netflix queue
    Allow me to reorder my queue
    Allow me to request new DVDs from Netflix

    Since I've seen Mac OS X widgets that do this, I'd think that it's doable with the Palm as well...

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    This wouldn't be a software app but rather a PDA access feature of Netflix itself. Give them a shout - no actual app would be needed if they had a slimmed down version for it's users on PDAs to access. Just would require using your data plan for accessing it.

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Well, it's true that they could do a mini-browser version of their site, but I've seen small mini-apps on the Mac that do exactly what I'd like to see in a Palm app... so I know it's doable. I'd rather have a dedicated app than to go to the web and use a web page...

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