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    The USB sync cable supplied with my Treo 650 appears to be defective. Please confirm.

    Here's the presumed defect. When I directly plug the AC charger into its receptor on the phone, the green flashing indicator light immediately goes red. The AC cable has three metal "pins" two on the sides and one thin one on the top.

    When I plug my USB sync cable into the phone (with the AC charger pluged into its back) I really have to work it to get the indicator light to go red. I have to adjust it, plugging it and unplugging it sometimes for 5 minutes, to get the "sweet spot" to get the light to go red and it charges and connects properly. I notice that one of the pins on the AC connector plug within the USB sync cable is different than that on the sole AC charger and I'm wondering if that is the problem. The top and outside AC pins are the same as on the charger, but the inside "pin" is the same shape and size as what I presume are the data pins. Is this normal?

    I've now been on hold for an hour. I keep hearing over and over "your expected wait time is greater than 15 minutes" Is Palm One's support really this bad?

    thanks - Brian
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    I had the same problem. Sometimes I had to mess with the cable for five minutes to find the "sweet spot". Finally it quit charging all together. All my chargers were the same (home, car). I took my phone to cingular and they could'nt get it to charge either. They gave me a new phone. I was surprised they did this cuz the phone was six months old.

    It seems to be a design flaw IMO. Why use such a small piece of plastic as the charger plug.
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    I have read about people being on their 2nd or 3rd cable. . . .

    Mine has worked fine, 8 months now.
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    I got a new cable because I can't stand that Y-cable that Palm sends's junk. I wonder how many people who created the Treo 650 or are high ranking officials of Palm use that Y-cable?? You can get a good one cable for both syncing and charging and there are ones on ebay that come with an ac adapter for you to use that same usb adapter when traveling or just for charging where there's AC power.

    Also, just in case you haven't gotten the car charger yet....get the rugged car charger off the TreoCentral stays in much better with the coil in the cord and all.

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