Hey all,

Ok, I'm ready to bash my brains in (what's left of them, I mean).

I'm trying to sync between my Cing 650, Mac running Tiger, and trying to do so via Hot Sync Manager through the latest version of Palm Desktop (PD).

When I open PD, there are all of my appointments under PD's "Datebook." And there are all of my contacts under PD's "Addresses." I HAVE been able to d/l some updates to my phone, but I sure can't get any of my appointments or contacts from PD into my Treo.

I usually get conflicting conduit reports when trying to sync. The items that are always in conflict are "Tasks," "Calendar," and "Contacts." So, I've told the conduit manager to "do nothing" when it comes to these items. These items appear to be in conflict with "iSync" conduit -- but I've disabled the iSync conduit (I think)... So, WTF?

Also, sounds to me like "Datebook" and "Calendar" are the same thing (and they're both listed in the conduits window). Also, "Contacts" and "Addresses" sound like the same thing, too. Are they, in fact, DIFFERENT? Is the info coming from different places?

Recently, I just told the Computer to overwrite the handheld with respect to my appointments. I had to disable the "Calendar" conduit because of the conflict listed above, which left the appointment syncing up to the "Datebook" conduit. Well, it TOOK OFF the appointments that I manually put into the Treo. (Not a big deal in terms of data loss.) Now I really don't get it.

I'm scared to try too many things on my own here -- but I gotta do something, 'cause I need to know that I can sync this thing. I've got no problem putting all of my appointments into the phone manually -- I just need to know that I can then back them up later.

Do I need to be trashing the Palm Desktop or user or someother files? I'm feeling on edge here.

Thanks, folks! I need some step-by-step help here!