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    my shift key works, but i doesn't depress and pop back up like the other buttons (if that's clear). as a result, i kind of have to pay extra attention whenever i need to use the shift button, and press it a little harder than normal (and i use it a lot because i write lots of emails to "professional" people... haha). i know there's another shift button, and i know that technically the button "works" but this is a pain in the ***.
    i don't want to have to send the whole phone back for a replacement because a) it's such a small issue, b) i just got this 650 fixed that had a much more massive issue, and c) a refurb might come back with an even bigger problem. i'm thinking maybe a spring is loose or something.

    what would you guys do? what should i do? is there any way to fix this?

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    From what I have read in other threads, there appears to be no quick fix for stuck or unresponsive keys . . . . . .
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    I have the same exact problem on the right shift key. I think some particles have fallen into the cracks, jamming the key. I use a side belt leather case to hold the treo. The right shift key rests on the bottom where it will collect the dirt.
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    If so, will a can of compressed air root out the problem? Or would it jam the particle farther in?
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    that's a good thought, perry. i'm gonna try and rustle one up right now...
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    maybe throwing it at full speed against a wall?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattkopko
    maybe throwing it at full speed against a wall?
    I actually did that to my phone...that's how I got this problem. :-O ... just kiddin'! This keys stuff did happen because I dropped it on concrete. I can't ever seem to win when it comes to gravity, I don't know how the ground does it!!

    The same thing happens with my right shift key and the alt button (the alt is more annoying because any time the wind blows (not really that intense) the "Alt Key" definition window pops up). ...countin' the days 'til I drop the phone and it actually breaks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattkopko
    ....what would you guys do? ....

    return it for exchange.
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