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    Something weird is going on. When I come home in the evening and take my 650 out to put it on my dresser I turn off the phone. Well, once in the last week I've gone to get it the next morning and the phone was on (battery still OK), another day (today) I heard it beeping in the morning and saw that it was at a critical battery level and was about to go to sleep and I noticed that the phone was still on, and another day I awoke to find the phone battery dead (which I now suspect was due to the phone being on and the battery getting drained). So, it seems like there's some reason why my phone is turning on by itself after I've turned it off. I don't have any apps installed that do this intentionally. Any ideas?

    Problem #2: I just went into VersaMail and noticed that using the D-Pad to move down the list of messages was performing extremely slowly. I would press down three times, nothing would happen, and then it would jump quickly down to the fourth message. I just did a soft reset and that didn't fix it. BTW, just yesterday I purged a ton of emails that were being stored on my Treo. So could that have something to do with it?

    Thanks for any help you all can provide!
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    This is a swag. I suspect the two problems to be related. I sounds like VersaMail is trying to connect to the Internet and is turning on your phone to do so. (Is there a setting for that?) Corrupt settings in VersaMail have been known to create the random (and extended) connection thing and battery turbo drain. (and may be causing the D-Pad problem)

    I suggest you delete all of your set up accounts within VersaMail, and then recreate them to see if the problem(s) go away.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    VersaMail's "Auto Sync" feature is not turned on.
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    Hmm...I just emptied my trash in VersaMail. I'm thinking that maybe I had all of those emails that I deleted still hanging about and slowing down VersaMail. It *seems* like it's faster now, but I'm not 100% sure that it's as fast as it was. When you press down three times quickly in VersaMail, does it respond immediately or is there a slight delay?

    Well, that may have fixed one problem (duh). But I still have to figure out why my phone may be turning on by itself at night.
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    How much internal mb do you have free? I have 7.5mb.

    What other Internet apps do you have? Tonight, first do: System / Prefs / Network / disconnect , then turn the phone off, to see if the problem goes away . . .
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    Scott R -
    Did you ever figure out what was causing your Treo to turn on by itself?.. I'm having the same problem. I was suspecting Avantgo, but I'd appreciate any advice you have.
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    Perry, first off, thanks for your suggestions. I actually did *not* try that last night, but I did check on it twice before I went to bed to make sure the phone was still off. And when I woke up this morning, the phone function was still off and the battery had not drained. I suppose it's possible that I'm just an ***** and have had a recent bout of forgetfulness where I thought I turned it off but never did. I'll certainly be keeping a closer watch over it the next few nights and will report back with my findings.
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    Oh, and to answer Perry's question...I have 12.5MB free and I think I had 10.5MB free when I deleted my email but forgot to empty the trash (which then freed up about 2MB).
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