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    I know there are other medical threads, but I thought a thread specifically discussing Drug related software would be nice. I know the ability to look up specific drug information on my treo is the most useful application in my practice. I started with the free Epcrates which works great, but takes a lot of memory. Now I am trying the mobile PDR which also works well. I like Epocrates user interface better, but the mobile PDR seems to have more up to date drugs. I can run the mobile PDR off the SD card, but it is very slow to start the program( about 1 minute) so I leave on the internal card.
    I would be interested to hear anyone elses experience. some good information might include:
    1. what program and why?( what you like and don't like)
    2. cost
    3. can it be run of sd card?
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    Take a look at Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopeia. I switched to it since Epocrates can't be run from the SD card. Cost is minimal--$27.48/yr. It updates when you hotsync. It is not 5-way friendly, but I don't know of any drug database that is.
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    I have EpocPro right now, they just made the DX module run from SD, but the remainder still hogs my internal memory. I like the interface the best, but the memory issue might make me change.

    I beta tested Tarascon and found it to be a useful guide, but not as complete as Epocrates IMHO (comparing only the RX portion of Epocrates). The price is hard to beat and it runs off SD.

    LexiDrugs is one I am looking strongly at. A few of my PharmD's swear by it and the times I've used it, it seems fairly authoritative. It is not nearly as cheap as Tarascon, it does run from SD.

    There are drug references from Skyscape as well that you might consider.

    I downloaded the mobile PDR, but haven't tried it yet. If it actually takes a minute to load up - then it's unusable for me.

    Good luck on your decision!
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    A few people have had some good suggestions, covered in these topics:

    I use EpocratesPro, Tarascon, Merck Medicus, and Mobile Micromedex. Epoc is MUCH less of an issue now that the memory issue has been resolved, and they redid the software to make it compatible with the T650 about a month ago. I purchased Tarascon while Epoc was getting it's redo, but Epoc is truly unmatched right now for content, speed, relability, frequency of updates, and customer service. The DX module for EpocPro can be moved to the SD card, which has just been an added bonus (another 2.3MB gained...)

    As for the others, the bigger portion of Tarascon goes right on the card, as do the main databases for Merck and MDX. I use LinkStart to store the latter 2's "RAM only" files on the card also. This saves a good 4MB of RAM. I've found Tarascon and MDX to be fairly incomplete and both arent frequently updated. Tarascon consistenly crashes my palm around 30% of the time, mostly midway through searching or fact-checking, but i dont use it often enough to care...

    I've tried every major drug program out there, and these are def the best. Skyscape's products are just way too confusing, pointless, and pricey. Lexi-drugs and the Davis guide have also been unreliable in terms of accuracy of info and updates. All that stuff is way to expensive for stuff that isnt updated regularly or has incomplete info.

    I listed only 2 posts on this topic....there are a few more floating around if you search around. Good luck with your choice, and post questions if ya got 'em!!!
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    Tarsacon is nice. I also use A2Zdrugs from skyscape...I like the skyscape interface and it's runs well off the card...
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    what is Mobile Micromedex? Is it another drug database?

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    Davis Drug Guide by Unbound medicine works well. It can to loaded directly to a SD card
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    I've always used Epocrates on the PDA, and Tarascon's in my pocket.

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