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    Has anyone noticed the defect in the HBH-660's caller ID ? More often than not it displays the number of the PREVIOUS call, NOT the number of the current incoming phone call. This has caused some horrible situations: Imagine answering the phone with a very risque comment about what you'd like to do tonight to your wife / girfriend (because that's who the 660's caller ID says is calling) only to find out that it's your mother? Is the headset to blame, or is the Treo sending the wrong number to the headset?
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    You must have a defective Treo or HBH-660. Because mine always shows the number for the current call.

    And maybe you should be careful how you answer the phone. What if someone else is using your wife's cellphone?
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    There was a post elsewhere that mentioned if you hang up with the headset the next call will show the proper number but if you hang up from the phone it will show the previous number on the next call. Not sure what happens when the caller hangs up first.

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