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    I know that Versamail has an option for a signature, but is there anyway to PASTE a signature in there? I have a pretty lengthy one including a sort of "disclaimer" and typing that would be miserable.

    Similarly.. I use SprintPCS Business Connect primarily to send e-mail and I need to be able to include a signature on every sent e-mail but I do not know how.

    Any assistance is appreciated!

    Thanks so much,
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    You should be able to copy and paste anything you want in there, just like any other program. Make your signature in a memo on your PC, hot sync, then just copy it and paste into the signature field. I can't see why it wouldn't work.
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    I use ShortCut5 to create a 'macro' for my sig. That way, I type 2 characters at the end of my message and it auto-inserts my sig, which (by company policy) is a bit lengthy.

    My sig also includes a "Sent from my Treo SmartPhone" line for two reasons:
    1. It explains why my response might be a bit more brief than normal. As much as the I like the Treo's keyboard, at work I'm pretty well known for writing novels for email replies and I just don't do that on the Treo.
    2. Messages from BB users have a line that says something like "This message sent from my BlackBerry" so why shouldn't the Treo?
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