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    Looking for a little help here. After having spent the last 2 years with my Treo 600, I finally made the move to the 650. So far, all is well minus a few glitches here and there. My 600 to 650 transfer/sync went well. Everything made it over but I'm having trouble locating some pictures. I probably had some 500 pictures on the T600 but I can't seem to locate them on the T650. Do they exist? Judging from the small amount of memory I have left on the new phone, I believe they're there. If so, how can I get to them. Maybe they made it over but there's no real way to pull them up. I just don't know. If they do exist on the new phone and I won't be able to see them, does anyone know how they could be listed and where so that I might be able to free up some space on the 650?

    As always, any help is appreciated!

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    See this Knowledgebase article.
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    Thanks so much--perfect answer! Worked flawlessly
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    I am having trouble w/ the instructions? I don't have a Treo Pictures icon, it's a Palm Photos icon which I have loaded my 600 pictures into.

    I am not sure what the Media icon is? Perhaps I have the wrong version of Palm Desktop; currently running 4.1.4.

    I have the hotsync options set to syncronize, but I don't have photos moving in either direction. My 600 photos stay on the Palm Desktop, and new photos taken on the 650 are staying on the 650. Oddly enough the hotsync log indicates the sync is happening.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Photos on your 600 were at a rez of 160 X 160. On the 650 they can be displayed as large as 320 X 320, so be prepared for all your old pics to be smaller than before.

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