I had my treo for about 5-6 months and had a good relationship wit it till it broke... in that time it took sum abuse and the front case broke... i got one on ebay and replace it... work great for a month then drama... it freezez solid(whats on the screen, stays on the screen for hours weather its dial pad, sms, or an app) and sumtimes shut off on its own... even erases all its data which really hurts (i lost so many pU$$y number that im stressed out ya dig)... not reset but shuts off and dont turn on till it wants too... a system reset help sumtimes... but its real random in its actions... one thing i notice but is just a guess... battery... if my battery has a full charge it seems to last longer... i think???... guess ima have to try it but in the meantime my boy is goin to do an insurance job on his and give me his old one... gotta luv ture partners...give ur input.

megamarz313Rd tryin to treo 600 pimpin it

dEtRoIt 313Rd