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    Hey all,

    Disclaimer: I've had my Treo for all of 2 days now, so I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing at the moment.

    Ok... Here's the deal:

    -I installed the new Palm Desktop software on my Mac.
    -I had a previous version of PD on my Mac that I used to sync my Palm III
    -My [previous] user name came up just fine, and my old PD info appeared to merge right into the new version of PD.
    -I tried to sync initially with the Treo, but no dice -- had some conduit compatibility issues.
    -I thought I eliminated the issues, and I COULD perform a sync, but...

    ** Only one contact was added to my Treo (and, it appears to be kind of random) **
    ** The sync tried to load my old 3rd-party stuff, which I didn't want it to do, so I turned off the "Install" conduit **

    Now, here's some info that may or may not be important:
    -I didn't have my SIM card in the Treo
    -I don't have a SD card in the phone yet
    -I asked the conduits to "sync" info between the computer/Treo, not "mac overwrites Treo"

    I'm really pretty stumped about the Contacts/Addresses not transferring to the Treo. Perhaps I don't have a setting correct (or perhaps it IS the lack of SIM/SD card(s) in the phone. But, that one contact DID transfer, and I don't know why only that one did, and why the rest didn't.

    Can someone hold my hand through this one, please? (I used to know what I was doing when it came to using/syncing my Palm III -- but...)

    Thanks, folks!

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    You may have some program conflicts. Since you're new, I'd do a hard reset (hold down the "end" phone untill the round palm logo appears, then release. It will ask you if you want to delete all data, push yes). Go into your Program files, and rename your Palm folder to Palmold.

    Uninstall your PalmOne program, then reinstall from the CD. (make sure you select "sync with outlook when asked"). Do a hotsync. All your data should be there.

    Then add your programs back one at a time. Your old Palm III folders/programs may not be compatible with the newer Palm software.

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